FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can i do on SocioLadder?

Contribute: Browse through the various campaigns and donate.

Start a campaign: Help raise money for the Charity/ NGO you wish to support.

Family & Friends: Tell your family & friends about the cause your support by posting the same on the social media pages via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/ or WhatApp

Updated on NGO: You have access NGO’s stories to keep up with the progress and their needs.

Suggest: We like to hear your suggestions, Innovative ideas on how we can help the NGO's, Charity you would like to work with, any information you may need on any NGO registered with SocioLadder. Please write to us on [email protected]

Who can raise funds?

Only non-profit organization(NGO) or Charity Organizations who have the required license to operate from their respective country governing body. SocioLadder would work with you and align your projects as per the UN-SDGs and assist you define the outcomes, if not done already.

Are my details safe?

SocioLadder Technology Partners with IBM, we provide best possible security for all the data stored with us. We have also chosen to align with the most efficient secured payment encryption technology as well. Your data security is our prime responsibility

Are SocioLadder services free?

Yes, they are free. There is no sign-up or Registration Cost. We charge a small transaction fee from the contributions made by you to be able to maintain the platform and provide you with seamless support.

Who would receive the funds raised by the platform?

Each donor has the freedom to select the NGO they would like to make the contribution to. Once you select the project under the NGO and make the contribution, the respective NGO would receive the funds on your behalf.

How do I create/ start a campaign?

You are someone who is interested to assist Non-Profit Entity to raise funds. You can be an individual or a group or a corporate wherein you engage people to come forward and support a cause

Launching a campaign on SocioLadder is easier than ever.

In order to start a campaign, you need to be registered as a campaigner first.

  1. Don’t have an account? Click here to register as a Campaigner.
  2. Log In to your SocioLadder account.
  3. Verify your e-mail address.
  4. Click on “create campaign”
  5. Choose a project you wish to fund raise for
  6. Fill in the campaign details
  7. Submit the campaign for approval
  8. Once it is approved, the campaign would be published

Do I need any approvals for my campaign?

Once you have filled out the campaign details and submitted it, it would be sent to the NGO for approval.

As soon as the NGO approves of your campaign, it would be ready to be published.

How do I keep a track of my fundraisers’ progress?

You can see a summary of all your campaigns on the ‘Dashboard’ and the details on the ‘My Campaign’ Page.

My campaign has been referred back, what do I do now?

If your campaign has been referred back, you can view it on the ‘My Campaigns’ page. The NGO would have detailed the reason for the same.

You can then fix the issues raised and re-submit the campaign application.

How long can I run a fundraiser?

A fundraiser can usually be run for up to 3 months.

Additionally, you can refer to the terms of approval stated by the authority, that would mention the start and end date.

Is there any limit for how much I can campaign?

There is no specific limit. You can campaign for any amount, just not exceeding the value of the project.

Can I propose a new charity or project?

Yes you can propose a new charity or project, by clicking on ‘Request Campaign for New Charity’ option in the Create Campaign section. It would be then sent for approval and you would be notified once it is approved.

What are the various Campaigns I can create?

Any campaign that you request or create must be in relation to a specific project.

If a project or charity is not listed you can submit a request for it to be listed.

What is the approval process for my Campaign?

Once you submit a request for a campaign it is processed by the Charity and sent for approval to the competent government authority.

The same shall be updated in the system once the approval is obtained.

Can I raise funds for individual causes or unregistered charities?

SocioLadder UAE does not allows funds to be raised for individual causes. It also does not list any charity or project unless it is approved by the competent government authority.

Can I spread the word for my fundraiser once it is approved?

Yes, you can share your campaign details online through various Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp etc. or share it via email.

Can I run campaigns and solicit donations from outside of the UAE?

No, unless specifically approved by the competent government authority.

How can the funds raised be withdrawn?

The funds would be credited to your account bi-monthly, while the campaign is up and running 

How can I register and make my projects available for fundraising?

To register as an NGO, click here

You can add your projects under the ‘Projects’ option. After the it has been approved, your projects would be made available for fundraising on the platform.

Can I register if I am not licensed in the UAE?

No, only UAE Government approved NGO’s can be registered with SocioLadder.

How to get started as an NGO on SocioLadder? What documents are required?

In order to get started as an NGO on SocioLadder, you need to register on to the platform and attach relevant approval certificates from competent authorities.

To register as an NGO, click here

Is there any fee for registration as a charity?

No, there is no charge to be listed on the platform.

Can an NGO run a campaign on their own?

Yes, you can sign up as a campaigner and fundraise for your own projects.

Click here to register as a Campaigner.

What is the approval process before a campaign can be launched?

Before any campaign goes live the charity must obtain approval from the competent government authority, for which the charity takes full responsibility.

What payment processing options can I use with SocioLadder?

Via SocioLadder platform you can make payments via credit/debit cards.