Dubai Cares Partners with SocioLadder

Dubai Cares

SocioLadder provides a technology platform and consulting services for crowdfunding and CSR management (inclusive of employee volunteering). We have been supporting charities and CSR organizations in India and the United States. SocioLadder is excited to launch UAE's localized Crowd funding platform in collaboration with Dubai Cares to enable campaigns for their programs. It is licensed by the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department (IACAD) to operate specific campaigns and uses Smart Dubai to offer highly-secure payment facility for donations online. SocioLadder is excited to support all charities in the UAE in full compliance with local legislations

In India, SocioLadder works with over 30 charities and operates its own Foundation aimed primarily at Education and WASH programs. It runs its flagship Bharath WashEd program in partnership with NRDC and Tata Steel. Its IBM Blockchain powered platform empowers Donors to get last-mile beneficiary level visibility to social impact and thereby creates a trusted platform. SocioLadder in India partners with National Research and Development Corporation (NRDC), Government of India and is a Strategic partner with National Stock Exchange (NSE). It also provides technology for tracking and tracing Children At-Risk for the state of Karnataka via its portal. The portal recently won an award from the International Humanitarian City Authority (IHC) in the UAE. SocioLadder also partners with Tata Steel for affordable WASH and housing infrastructure facilities.

In the United States, SocioLadder operates its own foundation and Donor Advisory Fund (DAF) that works on thematic areas relating to Children, Education, Health and Environment Sustainability.

SocioLadder also offers cutting-edge technology software solution for large CSR organizations for managing their programs, including CSR's extended stakeholders such as implementing partners, employees and members of the civil society. SocioLadder's CSR software also offers Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting module along with consulting services all aligned to measuring social Impact conforming to United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With advanced proprietary technology and IBM Blockchain powered platform, SocioLadder's partnership with Dubai Cares will certainly transform and optimize the involvement of UAE's philanthropic community to support Dubai Cares educational programs globally.

Should you have great ideas to partner, connect with our CEO directly at [email protected]